Argh! My hair! What to do with them?

Frizzy hair is a dilemmatic problem of most girls. After all, who doesn’t want smooth silky hair free of any frizz? This article deals with the remedies and tricks that can help you get rid of frizzy hair.

Here is How to get rid of frizzy hair:

So, the question is simple ‘How to get rid of frizzy hair?’ but the answer is a little tacky. The first thing to consider here is what makes your hair look frizzy. Well, the culprit here is the health of your hair. The healthier your hair, the lesser frizz they have. Straightening and ironing may help you get rid of the hair frizz temporarily but for a long lasting solution, you need to give it a good thought and effort. Some tips and tricks that will help you through are as follows:

Say no to heat treatments

say no to heat treatments
If you really want your hair to look healthy, you have got to say no to harsh treatments on your hair. They may get you smooth and sleek hair for some time but at the end your hair is only going to get more frizz. However, if the situation is such that you have a homecoming or a friend’s engagement to attend in a couple of days, you better opt for any of the heat treatments to get quick results. But don’t forget to apply a heat resistant serum beforehand. To cut it short, for a permanent solution to frizzy hair, abstinence from heat treatments is probably the only healthy way you should consider.

Oiling the hair

oiling the hair
When it comes to treating the hair frizz, oiling of hair is another effective solution. Every time we shampoo our hair, they are stripped off from the essential oils required to maintain their health. So, it is always good to massage your hair with a good oil almost an hour before shower. You may use oils like coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil or other natural herbal oils. However, make sure you don’t let the oil stay on your hair for more than a couple hours.

Use serums, scalp moisturizers and hair repair therapies

use serums
There are several serums available in the market. You may like to get your hands on one of them that best suit you. These serums contain chemicals and it is best not to apply them on the scalp. Apply the serum only to the frizzy part of the hair and distribute it well. Scalp moisturizers are also effective agents to help you get rid of frizzy hair because they add to the overall health of the hair.

Apply conditioner after shampoo

apply conditioner
Use of conditioner after shampooing also strengthens the hair and will definitely help you get rid of hair frizz.

Multivitamins and protein intake

multivitamins and protein
Our hairs constitute proteins. So, in order to treat damaged hair it is imperative to take a balanced protein intake. Eat a lot of eggs: they help recover hair damage. In addition, vitamins like vitamin E and A are also very effective for frizzy hair treatment.