How to get rid of Bloating

Last night’s Italian meal was way too good and you ate a little too much! Now you feel all full and don’t have an urge to eat for at least the next 24 hours. You feel bloated right. Don’t you? Well, Getridwiki is all here to tell you those nitty-gritty facts and measures that will help you get rid of bloating.

Learn How to get rid of Bloating:

Bloating is generally understood as a marker of indigestion and other related gastric problems. Very seldom, it may also be associated with rather complicated conditions like gastric tumors and Cardiac disorders. However in most cases, it is directly related to conditions like indigestion, dyspepsia, gastric ulcers, GERD, lactose intolerance, over eating and consumption of certain foods and medications. Bloating or Gases in your abdomen generally is not much troubling other than making you feel full and overstuffed but at times it may also cause pain that could be mild or severe often confusing it with appendicitis and chest pain. Here is How to get rid of bloating:

Drink enough water

Drinking inadequate water hampers the process of digestion thus increasing the chances of gas buildup in the intestine. In order to avoid bloating, make sure you are hydrated enough so that your gut can easily act on the food introduced in to it. However, don’t drink water in between the meals rather before and after 30 minutes of it.

Exercise and physical activity

Physical activity is very important to keep you fit all the time. Dull and down routine not only makes you gray but impairs your health as well. A walk after a meal is very effective to get rid of bloating. This increases your metabolism and escalates the process of digestion. In addition, exercises at other times of the day will also help.

Watch what you eat

Too much fats and carbs in your meal also aid to gases. So, in order to get rid of bloating, or if you have gastric sensitivity; make really wise choices while eating. A lot of cheese, oil, saturated fats and starchy carbs in your food will always give you gas. Also, if you are lactose intolerant, you will have the problem. In addition, don’t eat more than you need. According to nutritionists, good approach to meals is to eat until a portion of your stomach is still void.


If nothing helps or if you can’t have a control on your diet, medications will do for you. Antacids like Milk of magnesia are really effective for the problem. They enhance the evacuation of gases from intestine thus decrease the bloating effect. Prokinetics form another class of drugs that are commonly used for the treatment of bloating.