Most of us have dealt with troubled teens and know how distressed life becomes in those olden days. One of the serious dilemmas of teenage is the problem of acne that many of us go through. Even more distressing are the after effects of acne, which are usually way more stubborn than the actual bumps we call pimples. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about those pitty, scruffy acne scars and in this article you will definitely get to learn How to get rid of acne scars.

In general context, acne marks and scars mean the same thing and the two are often used interchangeably. However, in literal meaning acne scars are the indented leftovers (in the form of pits) that happen to be the fruit of acne; unlike acne marks that are characterized by red inflamed spotty appearance.

Learn How to get rid of acne scars

In the text below we discuss an effective remedy specifically designed to help you Get rid of acne scars.

Keep your skin well-conditioned

Your skin enjoys being treated and this shows up on it in a time of three winks. So, wash your face as often as possible to keep it clean and free of any germs or foreign impurities that may stick. Use cleansers quite often followed by exfoliation to cleanse your skin down to the pores. Do not forget to end up with toning and moisturizing. In addition, do bath using a diluted solution of Chloroxylenol in water at least once in two weeks for ridding your skin of unwanted bacteria. You may also dab on a little amount of Aloe Vera extract twice or thrice a day. This leaves a very refreshing effect on skin but needs time to vanish out the scars.

Let your skin regenerate

When we talk about Getting rid of acne scars, we don’t just mean bleaching of skin but regeneration of skin cells at a whole new level. Since scars are the indented pits over the skin, the only way to disappear them is to enhance growth of skin cells. You may resort to different medical preparations that are meant to be applied topically. These include preparations containing Ascorbic acid, Salicylic acid, Retinoids, and Hydroquinone etc. These drugs enhance skin regeneration and thus wash out the acne scars. However, if you are more like a naturalist, you may want to use olive oil, lemon juice, honey and milk to treat your acne aftermath. Drinking water abundantly also aids a great deal in the rejuvenating the skin.

Hands off your face

The next most important thing to help you do away with the problem is to stop meddling with your skin. Many people have this weird habit of squeezing pimples or pressing them hard just to get rid of them; while they don’t know that they are actually doing more harm than good. Once you stop touching your face – especially your red bumpy pimples – you are more likely to avoid the unwanted consequences of acne – what we call as acne scars.

By now, you might have gotten answer to your question ‘How to get rid of pimple scar’. We are meant to answer your queries; what you are meant to do is to try them out and let us know the results!